1.    Please send us art work, images or physical sample

2.    If we make the design, there is a certain charge per design

3.    If customers sending us the final design because then there is no design charge. It will be much easier, as it saves time cause we don’t need to discuss the product design.

4.    Sarong size is 115 cm with and 175 to 180 cm long (45 x 70 inches)

5.    Material width size 115 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm.

6.    Raw Material type is 100 % cotton and 100 % rayon or viscose.

7.    Raw material can be made in roll or cut in to certain meter upon request.

8.    Sample will be sent upon request before production started at courier cost responsible by customer

9.    Label, tag, barcode, packing, and shipping is available upon request at separate cost.

We require following standard for the file design

1.    The design must be sent in 300 DPI resolutions.

2.    The design must be designed in corel draw file X6 or lower with all letter converted to curves, adobe illustrator.

3.    4 color process jobs must be converted to CMYK.

4.    We do not accepted format at (JPG, Gift, file from internet, MS word, Ms Power point, BMP, PCX, RGB, photo copies, business cards, hand drawing.

5.    (Those all file will be accepted with minimal charge USD 30.00 per design) then we will design for customer.

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