Our batik fabrics are made using several RFD (ready for dye) raw white fabric types of rayon and cotton.
Rayon fabric is our most widely used and by far most popular selling fabric, followed by Cotton.
There are 3 grade of rayon : first quality, second quality and thirds quality

Rayon fabric is our most widely used, popular selling fabric. Rayon is made of fabric using natural wood pulp fiber and not from synthetic fabric. Rayon is also known as “Viscose”. Rayon has a silky appearance and feel, it is relatively light in nature and has a good “drape” quality. Rayon breathes well like cotton, making it cool and comfortable to wear in warmer climates.

Cotton is a soft, natural fabric. It is cool and durable, and breaths well, making it comfortable to wear in all seasons. Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable, and versatile; an easy to wash and care for type of fabric.

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