1.   Go to catalog, select the item and follow the shopping instruction.

2.   Or send email to us, mention the code and let us know the quantity order each from stock or custom.

3.   On custom order, please send us complete info about detail order.

4.   We will give a quotation from the order selected or from the custom design. 

5.   The more info customer informing us will be better: color, size, label, tag, ups, barcode, order date, payment info, deposit/final payment policy, no cancellation policy, packing, shipping method, PO number, quantity order, price expectation, quality standard, shipping date,  shipping address, billing information, etc.

6.   For production order we will send Pro-forma Invoice, photo, detail specification of the order for customer reference and approval. We will also send physical sample upon request.

7.   Order are only considered and confirmed and schedule for production once a 50% deposit payment is received.

8.   Once a deposit received, we will place order in production and updating the status to customer.

9.   Once the wholesale order is completed and ready, a full payment is required before we release for delivery.


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