1.    We can provide samples on request to customer intending to make future wholesale order

2.    All samples are charged at retail price, around 2 - 3 time than wholesale price.

3.    Customer solely responsible for the cost of sample shipment. 

4.    We used DHL or customer may provide us with customer account number for direct billing from DHL customer account or other courier provider.

5.    Samples will be made once we have confirmed on an order with a certain quantity. Sample production time will be confirm once request confirm. It will take about 2 weeks but it might be more depend on the requirement. Payment all cost include shipping should be paid in advance before we process.

6.    Pattern, diagram, sample cost :
US $15.00 – 20.00 per set of 2 pieces  (set includes grading size and detail diagram, 1 pcs factory sample and another 1 pcs extra sample for your comment and approval customer.

7.    Hand silk screen printing cost :
US $ 100.00 per color design for sarong at size 115 cm x 175 cm. 
If the design content 3 color, we will charge 3 x US $ 100.00 = $ 300.00
Most hand silk screen are best in 1 – 2 color, and still okay for maximum 3 – 4 color. 
For more than 4 color, please check with us first because will have more risk of reject.
Hand silk screen has an average reject rate of 5-10% and silk screen economic age is 2 years around.

8.    Fabrics digital printing cost :
US $ 20.00 per meter long at 115 – 140 cm width for sample color approval. 
Since it is digital there is no limitation in color, as long as we have file we can do all color in digital print.
To get best result is if applied in polyester, but also good in rayon or cotton.

9.    Rotary tube printing (high speed printing) :
Available maximum in 10 color way per design. 
We will charge the tube screen and will free of charge at minimum order 10.000 yards.
Please check with us for detail costing, we need to see the design and order quantity for sample costing. 
Rotary tube printing will work at all fabrics type and has an average reject 2 %
Sample will take 2-3 weeks and production will take 3-4 weeks.


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