1.    Once order is completed and final balance have been paid, we will prepare Packing list / invoice for the export documentation, contact cargo/freight forwarder to pick up and we will make sure the cargo/freight forwarder handled your goods properly. 

2.    Once the container gone, the original document will be sent to customer at customer cost for CUSTOM CLEARANCE AND IMPORT DUTY. 

3.    For air shipment, the original document will be sent together with the goods.

4.    If customer needed an-insurance at customer cost, customer should tell us before the container/air plane shipped.

5.    If customer do not have a cargo/freight forwarder, we will quote using our trustable shipper and or we will give some recommendation of few cargo/freight forwarder option, customer could negotiate price directly and make own decision.

6.    There are 3 option of shipment: Courier (DHL, TNT, Fed Ex, post office), Air plane, and container(LCL or FC).

7.    Courier is the simplest, fastest at the most expensive cost then the other option. The benefit is customer will receipt in customer house or office because door to door service.

8.    Air plane is fast and suitable for cloths, take around 7 – 10 days working days to arrive.

9.    Customer needed to do custom clearance and normally give the jobs to custom broker to taking care with fee at customer cost.

10.  Container is the cheapest way, take longest time, good for sarong, and other heavy goods.

11.  Customer needed to do clearance and normally custom broker do this jobs with fee at customer cost.

12.  We will declare as actual content

13.  We require detail complete address with zip code and phone number, and not accept PO Box number addresses.

14.  We will help to find solution if any delay shipment because of wrong supply address by customer  info, re shipment to the right address will be done and if any additional cost apply will be at customer responsibility.

15.  If any damaged incurred during shipping because of error from the shipping company (Air plane, container or other courier) of the shipment, we will help to claim the insurance if customer insure the goods. We recommend to insurance all the shipment at charge 2.5% shipment value

16.  If any order delay from the estimation arrival, please contact for investigation. We may can get to find solution

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