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How we began?

1. In 1996, after graduating from university, I worked as consultant specialist in system analyst handling various companies preparing a set up certification for ISO & GMP or handling company to ease cash flow, flow of work, increase employee’s satisfaction, profit, efficiency, and effectiveness.

2. In 1997, when I moved to Bali, I worked in companies focusing on handicraft, jewelry, and mainly clothing, as a General Manager. During these years, I supervised all detail of operational of the company included Human Resource, Production, and Export of the company in the clothing industry, having also worked with England Company to manufacture in Bali and exported the clothing to London.

3. I learned and handled all detail of the jobs about how to handle customer, email correspondence, cash flow, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Manage Production, Quality Control, and also product development.

4. My wife also worked in the clothing industry own by American guy, specifically in the production of sarong, resort wear, and yoga wear as a personal assistant, managing order, customer, and finance.

5. In 2000, I became partners with a Mexican business owner to create a trading company, exporting handicraft, furniture, jewelry, wood, stone, sandals, bags, home décor, and clothing from Bali to Mexico.

6. I am focusing handling all the job running company in Bali as Managing Director and my partner focusing in Mexico handled Order, Customer care, Sale and Marketing. We set a meeting twice a year in Bali or Hongkong at the Gift Premium Fair.

7. In that same year, my wife and I started a company export to worldwide market and to support the Holding company export to Mexico on the manufacturing of clothing, specializing in Beach Sarong. She was focused on the manufacturing and I am focusing in trading to Mexico.

Now, with both of us are involved we was focusing in Manufacturing only and not do trading anymore, helping our company grow and continue to contribute to the local community, Bali Sarong has expanded into producing beach sarongs/pareo, beachwear/resortwear, swimwear/bikini and accessories

Steady Growth

1. When We first received order in 1999, We employed freelance seamstresses while slowly transitioning to in house production, utilizing our rented home as our first production site. 2 Years later, 30 in house seamstresses work with us to ensure orders are met on time.

2. Our factory first started in a 50 square meter home we rented and used as a factory.

3. 2 Years later, We moved and rent to another place 325 square meter, then bought.

4. As orders grew and we welcomed more customers, a new factory was built. Our current production site exists on 1000 square meter of land, with 4 floors.

5. Having worked with freelance printers in the past, our orders were not always prioritized as our print suppliers worked with other customers.

6. To improve our efficiency, we now have a separate printing factory of 3600 square meters, separate from the main factory. We still work with 7 others outsource suppliers for additional printing.

7. Previously, we bought our raw materials from wholesaler with smaller quantities.

8. Now, we receive supplies directly from the factory, while placing larger orders to minimize cost, enabling a more competitive price for our customers.

9. Our quality control has also improved significantly over the years.

10. To ensure our customers receive the best products, we implement TQM/Total Quality Management. At each production process, we inspect quality.

+ When the materials first arrive, we examine the fabric to ensure it aligns with the order.

+ After printing, we inspect the products again to oversee the products’ prints, color, and size have fulfilled the requirements of the order.

+ Then, while stacking the fabric to cut, we go through each layer so there are no rejects.

+ We check again after cutting before handling then to the seamstresses for sewing.

+ After sewing, we assess the fabric to ensure it has the right size, color, thread, sewing method, buttons, and labels attached before packing the order into containers.

Where We Are Now

Currently, we work with 75 in house employees and 300 outsource workers. This allows us to produce up to 40,000 pieces per month, including sarong, resort wear, swimwear, and accessories. We have exported all over the world in countries such as the US, Australia, French Polynesia, France, Mexico, Italy, the Bahamas, Greece, Peru, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, and Canada.

Our Customers

Our company’s clients receive orders worldwide, selling products in mainland USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, French Polynesia, Spain, French, retail stores, as wholesalers. We specialize in providing beach wear, resort wear, and swimwear to our customers. We cater for small to high end mass bulk production in clothing and garments and pride ourselves on understanding consumers’ demands for Western high quality and time efficiency at a reasonable price.

Future Prospect

Our aim is to help our local community through employment and aiding in the livelihood around us, Bali especially. We work with those around us to help flourish the local economy while supplying quality beachwear and meeting our customer’s needs. To reduce waste, we reuse the fabric, creating patchworks of clothes, toys, and mats. Our company aims to improve our worker’s satisfaction, efficiency and contribution to the community. We ensure our staff’s wellbeing and happiness through free healthcare insurance, following legal controls, annual bonus, interest free loan, implementing training, and going on staff trips together. We’ve also helped through distributing rice and other food necessities, donating for the building of infrastructure, and providing scholarships to those living in the community we are in now, and grew up in, and will continue to do so.


Our Factory

Jl. Taman Pancing Timur No.48 Kepaon, Pemogan, Denpasar,
Bali Indonesia 80221

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: +62818346548
Email: hello@balisarong.com

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