1. Once order is completed and final balance have been paid, we will prepare Packing list / invoice for the export documentation, contact cargo/freight forwarder to pick up and we will make sure the cargo/freight forwarder handled your goods properly.
  2. Once the container gone, the original document will be sent to customer at customer cost for CUSTOM CLEARANCE AND IMPORT DUTY.
  3. For air shipment, the original document will be sent together with the goods.
  4. If customer needed an-insurance at customer cost, customer should tell us before the container/air plane shipped.
  5. If customer do not have a cargo/freight forwarder, we will quote using our trustable shipper and or we will give some recommendation of few cargo/freight forwarder option, customer could negotiate price directly and make own decision.
  6. There are 3 option of shipment: Courier (DHL, TNT, Fed Ex, post office), Air plane, and container(LCL or FC).
  7. Courier is the simplest, fastest at the most expensive cost then the other option. The benefit is customer will receipt in customer house or office because door to door service.
  8. Air plane is fast and suitable for cloths, take around 7 – 10 days working days to arrive.
  9. Customer needed to do custom clearance and normally give the jobs to custom broker to taking care with fee at customer cost.
  10. Container is the cheapest way, take longest time, good for sarong, and other heavy goods.
  11. Customer needed to do clearance and normally custom broker do this jobs with fee at customer cost.
  12. We will declare as actual content
  13. We require detail complete address with zip code and phone number, and not accept PO Box number addresses.
  14. We will help to find solution if any delay shipment because of wrong supply address by customer  info, re shipment to the right address will be done and if any additional cost apply will be at customer responsibility.
  15. If any damaged incurred during shipping because of error from the shipping company (Air plane, container or other courier) of the shipment, we will help to claim the insurance if customer insure the goods. We recommend to insurance all the shipment at charge 2.5% shipment value.
  16. If any order delay from the estimation arrival, please contact for investigation. We may can get to find solution



  1. Cashpayment, TT or Credit card. All account is US $.
  2. Credit card will be charged 3.5 %, pay pal charged 7%
  3. Telegraphic transfer also accepted, and there is $ 20.00 correspondence charge is applied.
  4. Pay pal
  5. Credit card payment and bank account info, please contact us




  1. product pack using standard boxes, that is 58 x 33 x 45 cm (volume is 0,10 cbm)
  2. It is fit 100pieces sarong first quality, 125 pieces regular quality, 150 pieces short dress, 75 pieces long dress. For other dress depend on size.
  3. Sarongs option packing : 1 piece per poli bag or 125 pieces wrap by big plastic coverthen pack by master carton.
  4. We accept included with hang tag paper, label, metal etc.
  5. For different packing requirement or any different boxes size can be discuss when you place an order.


  1. There is no minimal order for taking stock
  2. We require minimal order for placing order as below

MOQ are 125 pieces per style per color for sarong or clothing. Can be slpitted in size S, M, L

MOQ rotary printing are 1.500 yards per color way at total MOQ 4.500 yards



  1. 2 – 3 months for 40.000 pcs sarong, 1 – 15 months for 15.000 pcs cloths
  2. Finishing date counts from the deposit receipt,sample proof and order confirmation.
  3. Some order that need detail accessories such as cloths with embroidery and beading squeen will take longer in process time.
  4. Order size, complexity, fabrics supply, weather, peak season order, ceremony time (Galungan day, Kuningan day, silent day, Eid al fitr can affect deliveries. Actual delivery dates will be quoted at the time of the order placed.
  5. No cancellations will be accepted once order has been confirmed and or deposits have been receipt.



  1. Please send us art work, images or physical sample
  2. If we make the design, there is a certain charge per design
  3. If customers sending us the final design because then there is no design charge. It will be much easier, as it saves time cause we don’t need to discuss the product design.
  4. Sarong size is 115 cm with and 175 to 180 cm long (45 x 70 inches)
  5. Material width size 115 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm.
  6. Raw Material type is 100 % cotton and 100 % rayon or viscose.
  7. Raw material can be made in roll or cut in to certain meter upon request.
  8. Sample will be sent upon request before production started at courier cost responsible by customer
  9. Label, tag, barcode, packing, and shipping is available upon request at separate cost.

We require following standard for the file design

  1. The design must be sent in 300 DPI resolutions.
  2. The design must be designed in corel draw file X6 or lower with all letter converted to curves, adobe illustrator.
  3. 4 color process jobs must be converted to CMYK.
  4. We do not accepted format at (JPG, Gift, file from internet, MS word, Ms Power point, BMP, PCX, RGB, photo copies, business cards, hand drawing.
  5. (Those all file will be accepted with minimal charge USD 30.00per design) then we will design for customer.



Our batik fabrics are made using several RFD (ready for dye) raw white fabric types of rayon and cotton.
Rayon fabric is our most widely used and by far most popular selling fabric, followed by Cotton.
There are 3 grade of rayon : first quality, second quality and thirds quality

Rayon fabric is our most widely used, popular selling fabric. Rayon is made of fabric using natural wood pulp fiber and not from synthetic fabric. Rayon is also known as “Viscose”. Rayon has a silky appearance and feel, it is relatively light in nature and has a good “drape” quality. Rayon breathes well like cotton, making it cool and comfortable to wear in warmer climates.

Cotton is a soft, natural fabric. It is cool and durable, and breaths well, making it comfortable to wear in all seasons. Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable, and versatile; an easy to wash and care for type of fabric.




There is several type of batik technique for our fabric.
Most of fabric we use are hand works, even though we also use digital printing or rotary printing. But about 85% of our product is using the hand work technique.
We normally decide process base on the design. Some design, might be good using wax stamp or some might be good using printing. It depend on how many color you want, the size of the motif, and what effect on the fabric you want.
Some customer choose wax batik stamp instead of silk screen printing because the wax batik stamp front or back side are same, in the other hand the silk screen printing the backside is white as pic shown below (insert wax stamp batik and silk screen printing that can show the different).
Or some prefer rotary machine printing because it can do a lot color (it can 8 colors on the design) instead of the silk screen printing when the order qty allow.  Picture shown below is the silk screen printing and the rotary machine printing (insert silk screen printing and rotary machine print)
Whenever you want to make custom design sarongs, feel free to send us the design and we can suggest what process might be the best.
Here is the process we normally use for our fabric:

Wax batik stamp :
It is an old and traditional technique that has been years used. It start from stamping wax using design brass stamp OVER white fabric or color fabric and then do another dyeing.

There is several category using this technique:
1. Mono color / white stamp sarongs/fabric:
Process: stamping design brass over white fabric. Here is some picture of the production process to make it understand the process.
(insert production process),
So the result is color background on white design as the picture below: (insert white stamp sarongs)

2. Double Process sarong/fabric:
Process: Dyeing the fabric, and then stamping design brass over color fabric (longer process than mono color). Here pic of production process. (insert production process)
So the result is color background and another color on the design. As there is another process on them, it cost more expensive than mono color as below pic: insert double process sarongs)
3. Full stamp sarong / Fabric :
Process: same as the above process, the only different is that the design is full all over the sarongs, so it need more wax and taking more time. (insert full stamp sarongs process), and off course it is more expensive as it cost more to make them. Here is some full stamp result:
(insert full stamp sarongs)

4. Solid dyeing sarong / fabric
Process: colouring fabric using traditional technique
(insert solid dyeing process),
and here is some solid sarong/fabric:
(insert solid sarongs/fabric pic)

5. Tie dye sarong / fabric
Process: colouring fabric using various type of tie. The more difficult type of dyeing fabric, different cost too.
(insert pic production process)
Here is some tie dye sarong / fabric:
(insert tie dye sarong/fabric pic)

6. Silk screen printing:
Process: printing design over fabric using silk screen over fabric.
Price can be different depend on how many color used, that is imply to how many screen used. The more color, price will be more too as it need more working process. But most of the time maximum screen can be done is 5 screen/5 colors.
(Insert pic of production process)
Here is some silk screen printing

7. Digital print fabric: this is machine printing that start used. It is simply printing fabric using machine. But is not used much as the cost still very expensive.

8. Rotary print fabric: this is machine printing do by big manufacture. Normally we order the fabric from big factory. This the perfect printing, but the minimal order quite high.

Our handmade batik fabric collections are coming for variety of different color and designs. It is handmade naturally process with full sun drier. If any small inconsistency in color is as part of the process of handmade batik in Indonesia and as unique art of batik.
Some color will come out when the first washing but will not influence to other fabric color. They will lean at the second was process.




  1. We can provide samples on request to customer intending to make future wholesale order
  2. All samples are charged at retail price, around 2 – 3 time than wholesale price.
  3. Customer solely responsible for the cost of sample shipment.
  4. We used DHL or customer may provide us with customer account number for direct billing from DHL customer account or other courier provider.
  5. Samples will be made once we have confirmed on an order with a certain quantity. Sample production time will be confirm once request confirm. It will take about 2 weeks but it might be more depend on the requirement. Payment all cost include shipping should be paid in advance before we process.
  6. Pattern, diagram, sample cost :
    US $15.00 – 20.00 per set of 2 pieces  (set includes grading size and detail diagram, 1 pcs factory sample and another 1 pcs extra sample for your comment and approval customer.
  7. Hand silk screen printing cost :
    US $ 70.00 per color design for sarong at size 115 cm x 175 cm.
    If the design content 3 color, we will charge 3 x US $ 70.00 = $ 210.00
    Most hand silk screen are best in 1 – 2 color, and still okay for maximum 3 – 4 color.
    For more than 4 color, please check with us first because will have more risk of reject.
  8. Fabrics digital printing cost :
    US $ 20.00 per meter long at 115 – 140 cm width for sample color approval.
    Since it is digital there is no limitation in color, as long as we have file we can do all color in digital print.
    To get best result is if applied in polyester, but also good in rayon or cotton.
  9. Rotary tube printing (high speed printing) :
    Available maximum in 10 color way per design.
    We will charge the tube screen and will free of charge at minimum order 10.000 yards.
    Please check with us for detail costing, we need to see the design and order quantity for sample costing.
    Rotary tube printing will work at all fabrics type and has an average reject 2 %
    Sample will take 2-3 weeks and production will take 3-4 weeks.



  1. We have sarongs and clothing in stock in mix color and designor assorted.
  2. There is no minimal purchase for buying stock.
  3. Stock price is ex work / ex factory.
  4. Shipping cost and custom duty are responsible of customer and will quote upon request



  1. Go to catalog, select the item and follow the shopping instruction.
  2. Or send email to us, mention the code and let us know the quantity order each from stock or custom.
  3. On custom order, please send us complete info about detail order.
  4. We will give a quotation from the order selected or from the custom design.
  5. The more info customer informing us will be better: color, size, label, tag, ups, barcode, order date, payment info, deposit/final payment policy, no cancellation policy, packing, shipping method, PO number, quantity order, price expectation, quality standard, shipping date,  shipping address, billing information, etc.
  6. For production order we will send Pro-forma Invoice, photo, detail specification of the order for customer reference and approval. We will also send physical sample upon request.
  7. Order are only considered and confirmed and schedule for production once a 50% deposit payment is received.
  8. Once a deposit received, we will place order in production and updating the status to customer.
  9. Once the wholesale order is completed and ready, a full payment is required before we release for delivery.