Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work with Bali Sarong?

To specify your order there are 2 ways to inform us. You can contact us with a complete data of your desired size, design, color, and label, OR send a picture with a description of the size, material, quantity, and any accessories you require.

Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Product in-stock

There is no minimum order to purchase our product in stock. Feel free to shop with affordable prices in this site.

Pre-Order with available design

For pre-order items based on our collections, please refer to the following minimum order quantity: Beach Sarong: 250 pieces for printed sarongs, and 50 pieces for most of other sarongs category (tie dye, solid, white stamps, hand painting).

Custom Order

For custom order, please refer to the following minimum order quantity below: Beach Sarong: minimum order 250 pieces, which can be split into 2 different color (same design).

What if I order below the MOQ?

Don’t worry, we can still consider your order with adjusted price for made-to-order items, or put you on our waiting list for available products that are out of stock or still in production.

For further info, please send email us your inquiry

Can you work with digital printing and what is the cost?

Yes, we can work with digital prints. You can send the file through Corel Draw or vector file and we will print it on to the fabric. It costs between 8 - 15 dollars per square meter depending on the fabric. For higher material fabric, the printing tends to be more towards the higher end. If you don't have file in Corel draw/vector file, we can design for you at your cost USD 30/design

Following is benefit of Digital Printing:
  1. Digital printing will not require additional cost to set it up. Compared to screen printing, it will cost 70 USD per screen
  2. When using digital printing, the colors are not limited, unlike screen printing, which can only support a maximum of 4 colors.
  3. Digital printing does not require much time, while still producing high quality designs. This will allow business to be respond faster to changing customer needs.
  4. Compared to screen printing, digital printing has a lower minimum order quantity. This will lower cost as you will not need to buy additional fabric to meet to the minimum quantity.
  5. This also makes it more suitable for sampling. As it does not involve working mixing paints, the risk of not matching computer designs will be minimized.
  6. Unlike screen printing, which is done by workers physically, digital printing will minimize rejects.
  7. Hence, the colors of each product will not vary.However, we are still able to do both digital and screen printing, depending on what best suit your needs.

Besides digital, we also have an in house facility to print through traditional silk screen printing. We are also able to batik process through chop wax stamp, hand painting, or tie-dye/dyeing.

How do I work with you in details?

  1. Please check our FAQ to see the necessaries information on ordering from us.
  2. If the product will use printing, please send us the design through Corel Draw or vector file size of 200 cm x 120 cm.
  3. If not, send us the design and its information through email or WhatsApp, specifying size, material, and any labels. We will then give a quotation based on the design.
  4. Your agreement on the sample and business price. Please note that sample prices are 2-3 times higher than the business price as samples consume more time to make individually, and may require us buying more materials then needed for that sample due to the minimum requirements to buy from the supplier. Or, if the order is printed, we may need to buy the ink that will not always end up being used, and hence increase the cost.
  5. The sample price payed fully in advance to production. A 50% deposit is needed to start the order.
  6. We will proceed the sample after payment received. Once sample finish, we will send the physical sample or pictures of it, depending on your needs.
  7. If you require any amendments, we will adjust the sample based on your needs. If not, we will start producing the order.
  8. When the production has been completed, we will check the shipping cost, and will invoice you with the balance after deposit.
  9. Once final payment received, we will ship the goods.

Do you accept orders from startup businesses?

Yes, we accept orders from startup businesses as long as the order fulfills the minimum order quantity and have a specific reference for the picture, size, materials and quantity in mind. We would be pleased to work with startups which show commitment to their business and understand that it will be more longer time as we will spend more time discussing samples and orders. Please note that sample prices will be 2-3 times of the business price as we will invest a lot of time and resources to producing a sample that suits your needs.

I have a sample to copy and develop for a different design. Are you able to work with this and how?

Yes, you can send us the sample/product you would like us to produce with a detailed description of what you would like to change/develop with specified changes of any size, print, label, material, or color. If you are unable to send the physical sample, we are also able to work with photos of the product from multiple angles with high resolution and all details info as size specification, fabric need, accessories use, although preferably, the physical sample will be more informative.

I would like a wholesaler to purchase ready stock from.

Yes, you can buy our ready stock by ordering from our ecommerce system.

Can I visit your factory without an appointment?

Yes, but preferably it would be more helpful if you have contacted us, informing us the time you plan to visit and the products you have in mind so we are able to see if we can meet your requirements. The materials we often work with are rayon and cotton.

I would like to meet with you. Are you available?

You can contact us through email or Whats app informing us what product you have in mind to ensure it is within our capability and the time you are available so we can set a time for you. We are open Monday - Saturday, 08.00 - 17.00 pm, excluding our lunch break 12.00 - 13.00 pm.

Are you an ethical producer?

  1. We always try to use what we need, and prevent excessive waste of fabric.
  2. We do this through planning ahead how much material we need to reduce unnecessary usage of materials, and if there are any leftover fabric, we immediately inform customers so that the fabric can be used to produce the order.
  3. Additionally, we sell any rejects of products to prevent usable clothes from being thrown out.
  4. Please note: we always inform customer that production quantity may not exactly meet the order. For example, if the order quantity was 100, with 5 rejects, then the order has been met with 95% of the quantity. Please understand that we are not able to start a new production to fulfill the remaining 5% as this will mean repurchasing fabric, with additional leftovers and waste.
  5. On the other hand, if, like mentioned previously, there are leftover fabric, we will contact our customer to inform them and use the remaining fabric to produce the order. Hence, the quantity we send may be slightly more than what was ordered. The pricing for the total order will be adjusted to accommodate the quantity.
  6. We will greatly appreciate customers who are able to understand this.
  7. We take social responsibility very seriously.
  8. We always try our best to ensure our local community and workers are well.
  9. In the past, we have lend money to our employees or local community to aid them, without charging interest.
  10. Typically, if there are those in the local community interested in starting a business, we give them a free consultation to teach them the basics of accounting, managing the production and cash flow, and implementing the manufacturing process.
  11. We also donate to children attend school, support a business idea, pay for a ceremony, or help elders in the community we live in or the ones we grew up in.
  12. We also support staff when they quit to pursue their own business, as our staffs may work again with us in the future as an external stakeholder.
  13. In the past, most of our staff worked in the factory. However, as they grew and formed new families, they may wish to attend to their families needs, such as taking care of their children, while still requiring a source of income to support their family.
  14. We help them by lending machines or letting them buy the machine to be taken from their salaries in the following months/year without them needing to really pay money.
  15. This allows them to work without sacrificing time with their family. And, when we were low on order, they were still able to take orders from other businesses.

Are you able to print or dye fabric or batik or hand painting?

Yes, we have in house silk printing, tie dye, stamp, hand painting or other batik process. We are also able to create digital printed.

Will you also use my design to other companies?

No, we respect our customer and believe trust is necessary to move forward and continue to work together. We understand the difficulty, effort, and originality it takes to create a design, as well as the nature of the clothing industry which tends to follow trends/copy others; your designs will only be sold to you, and will not be displayed to our other customers.

Are you able to include labels and barcode?

Yes, we often produce goods with specific business labels or barcode.

Do you have a quality control system?

Yes sure we do have Quality control system.
We have 3 critical point control each step process
Our quality has also improved significantly over the years. To ensure our customers receive the best products, we implemented TQM (Total Quality Management). During each production process, we inspect the quality.

  1. When the white raw materials first arrive, we examine the fabric to ensure it aligns with the order.
  2. Before and after printing, we inspect the products again to check the products prints, color, and size and if it fulfilled the requirements of the order before packing
  3. Final checking to Pro-forma to make sure each SKU by piece and total quantity order match before handling it to the containers

Are you able to organize shipping, how much does it cost?

Yes, we pack the order into boxes/containers. The customer will have chosen the method of transport.

  1. For smaller orders under 1000 pieces/10 master carton boxes, we recommend DHL or TNT (USD 3 - 4/piece).
  2. For larger orders above 1000 pieces, we recommend Airfreight (USD 0.75 – 1/piece)
  3. For Order 5.000 pieces up, we recommend Sea freight, payed for each cubic (USD 0.20 - 0.30/pieces).
During the covid 19, direct airplanes are becoming more scarce and expensive. Hence, the alternative Sea freight requires a minimum order one cubic meters, around 1000 pieces.
Although this method of transport takes the longest time, it is also the cheapest, especially during covid 19.

For the exact cost of the shipping cost, we will check and let you know after we have completed the order and the product has been packed.

How will I pay?

  1. We require full payment to start producing samples, and a 50% deposit on the order to start production.
  2. We will send the orders after you have paid the shipping cost and the remaining 50% of the order.
  3. Our prices are ex work. We taking care the shipping too till to your door at customer cost

Payment can be made by bank transfer /TT or credit card payment link, cash payment possible too if you are in Bali.

What Types of Batik, printing or processing you are able to do?

Silk screen Printing
  1. When utilizing a flatbed screen printing, we require an order of at least 125 pieces per style per color for each print.
  2. We will require you to send a picture of the design to develop the sampling from.
  3. The sample is typically done in 2 weeks.
  4. USD 70 first time setup screen cost per colour/screen
  5. 250 x 115 cm is the largest size available
  6. Using spot colors and CMYK, we are able to do 1 - 4 colors.
  7. We are able to produce using water based absorbent ink
  8. We are able to print on cotton, rayon, and linen
  9. If your file is not in vector file, for redrawing the design, there is USD 30 drawing charge
  10. We use TPX Pantones to match colors, but of course there is color tolerance, 5-10%

Batik of traditional chop wax stamp
  1. Batik and wax stamping is a traditional printing method used in South East Asia.
  2. It portrays the traditional culture of Indonesian batik and create unique results with each product that is produced.
  3. From USD 70 - USD 100 per metal stamp depend size (set up costs)
  4. Maximum stamp size 25 x 25 cm
  5. At least 50 pieces per style per colour‚
  6. We only work with reactive dyes
  7. We are able to stamp on rayon and cotton‚
  8. We have already available designs you can select from if you do not want to create your own design
  9. We require a total of 4 - 6 weeks for production
  10. We use TPX Pantones to match colors, but of course there is color tolerance, 5-10%

Fabric dyes
  1. Tie dye, hand painting, or dip dyeing:
  2. At least 50 pieces for each color each style
  3. We use only work with reactive dyes
  4. We are able to dye on rayon and cotton‚
  5. We require a total time of 2 - 6 weeks for production
  6. We use TPX Pantones to match colors, but of course there is color tolerance, 5-10%

How long does it take me to get the product?

  1. For the stock we can ship in 2 – 3 days after receipt the order by our E commerce system
  2. If order start from developed sample, it will take 2 weeks for sampling after approved design.
  3. For ordering from available design, production time will take approximately 4-8 weeks depend on quantity, style, and weather.
  4. Shipping: by DHL 3-5 working days, air freight about 10 working days, LCL will take 4-8 weeks and FCL will take 4-6 weeks depend on destination.