Sampling & Production

  1. We have sample room in our office to ensure the end products meet your needs. We will also make a sample before production if needed by customer.
  2. We are able to produce from 250 pieces per style per colour up to 25.000 pieces for each order per month.
  3. To help our customers, we will take care of the production from white raw materials, productions, taking care of accessories, packaging, shipping by DHL, Air plane, or Container to your door.
  4. We are an honest company, we will inform you if there are any problems or if we are not able to meet the deadlines/follow order requirements.
  5. We understand that it would be a great loss to customers if there is a delay or fault in the production, so we ensure we have consulted with them and informed them of any problems (if there are any) before starting the production process.